Miami Heat Dancers (1st part)

Their name is Heat Dancers and are the sexiest cheerleaders of the NBA winning for 4 years.

The award of most popular dance team in the league.

The squad is made up of 23 dancers that every year in order to remain in the team they have to compete with more than 300 girls coming to Miami to have an opportunity to be selected thoughout dance trails , training and choreography.

At every game they convey a mix of happiness, sensuality and energy that lead the fans and the team to an event that is not only a  sport game but it become a show with many actors beside the basketball players.

The heat dancer is a girl that is self-confident, speak well in front of the crowd participating to different social activities and possess good sympathy and dance skills.

Blond, brown, red and of different breeds they represent  Miami , a cosmopolitan city with a wide Latin presence that melt tropical beaches , excellent restaurants , breathtaking skyline with a nightlife among the best of the entire continent.

During heat home games they perform twice with a high level choreography and  during summer they attend  international NBA events in different continents including Europe.

One of the most waiting moments for the fan is the production of the Dancers swimming suite poster that has been shooting in paradise locations and this year at the Bahamas.

During this trip to Florida we met three girls Jeanelle from Miami, Carin from Dominique Republic and Lindsey the captain of the team.

Let’s get to know them in this interview:

Carin e' nata a Santo Domingo ed e' alla terza stagione con le Heat Dancers.

Carin e’ nata a Santo Domingo ed e’ alla terza stagione con le Heat Dancers.


Jeanelle e' nata a Miami ed e' al terzo anno con le Heat Dancers

Jeanelle e’ nata a Miami ed e’ al terzo anno con le Heat Dancers

Lindsey e' di FT. Lauderdale ed e' la capitana delle Dancers.

Lindsey e’ di FT. Lauderdale ed e’ la capitana delle Dancers.